The Types of Motorcycle Boots

Motorcycle boots are one of the must-haves of riders. In addition the boots are for added protection when riding motorcycles especially when going for a race track or a long ride on the highway. There are already different types of motorcycle boots for different purposes. Here is a little information about them.

A true to life experience has proven that the proper motorcycle boots are the ones that do not have shoestrings or shoelaces. As mentioned by motorcycle experts, the best boots are the ones that use Velcro or buckles. It makes it less susceptible to getting stuck in the foot pegs or the lever for foot brake or for shifting gears.

Racing boots are specifically made for those who are driving on hard pavement. They could be made of composite materials, metal, plastic, leather or a mix of different materials. The design is made so that it gives added protection for the rider. It could have heels but not the high, only about half an inch. They can come in other colors but the typical color is black.

The touring boots are quite similar to racing boots. However they are not designed to give as much protection as racing boots do. They are not for riders driving for race tracks. Rather, they are designed to give protection for those who are driving on highways or city streets. They can be made with the same materials used with racing boots.

The motocross boots are the ones that are used for off-road terrain. For added protection to the legs and feet, the design of the motocross boots is much stiffer than the usual motorcycle boots. They tend to be knee-high and are opened lengthwise to make it easier for the user to take off and put on the boots. The design could have multiple adjustable straps so the fit could be adjusted accordingly.

There are still other types of motorcycle boots like the harness boots that are designed for protection against heat, the engineer boots the can be used for other work, police boots that are specifically made to complete the uniform of a motorcycle officer and more.

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