Cleaning Leather Boots

When winter season is about, leather boots are one of the suitable footwear to use. It gives the much needed warmth and protects the feet from the cold snow and weather. However because of the materials used for the leather boots, there has to be special care in order to keep them clean and presentable. If wrong cleaning procedure and materials are used then instead of doing the boots good, you might end up making it look worse. So clean the leather boots properly and they will last longer. Here are some tips on how to clean leather boots.

You will need protective oil, some cleaning cloths and if you want you can also have a shoe brush at hand. First of all, find out if the leather boots you are about to clean is treated or not. The usual leather is made of the skin of the cow. Because of that, it is just natural that the leather is porous and thus making it liable to water stains. In turn it is a good step to use oil or wax to treat the boots. You can use a shoe brush or a cleaning cotton cloth to apply the oil or wax.

Before proceeding to any application of oil, clean the boots first. Get rid of the dust and grime. You can use a dry cloth and make it slightly wet with water. Then rub on the boots gently. When you are cleaning the seams and zippers, be more careful. Dry the boots off.

Once the leather boots are dry with the help of a shoe brush or cleaning cloth apply oil or wax product on the boots. Include the seams too. Make sure the leather soaks in oil or wax product well and use another cloth wipe any excess. As much as possible let the boots have time to absorb the oil. For at least 24 hours do not use the boots first. Then for the last touch apply a bit of Crisco oil with the use of a cloth.

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